HB0/DL2OBO Liechtenstein 2008

In 2008 I made about the same number of QSOs like the year beforw.
was not good. Snow and Ice on the day of arrival, so I had to carry all
equipment myself the last 50m to the house. The road was icey
and my Van
couldn't go up there. count the red boxes plus the PA plus the mast I carried in
the night of arrival...
I set up a vertical dipole in front of the house as I
did the last time just to show up on the band and to say"happy new year, I am
back on the Chalet Barsüla" ,hi

The next day there was snow and I build a
2x40m dipole with ladderline. It was windy and I wanted to wait the next day to
put up the verticals for 160m. I already set up the 80m vertical on January
It was in a tree 80m up the hill. 20m vertical wire on a fishing rod -
PVC mast combination with 4 elevated radials. about 3-4m high.
On the 3rd day
the wind has changed to strong wind, I decided to put up the 160m verical. One
down in the Valley said, they had up to 100km/h, so that is not just a breeze!
The cottage is dual-heated ( ,-) ) with an oven and that day the smoke came back
down the chimmney during gusts....
Not a good idea. the mast broke before the
evening and it started raining.... so I worked 80m with the vertical and 160m
with the dipole.

On the 4th day I worked on the 160m vertical and found a
better place to set it up. no guys ! in a tree ! the branches prevent the mast
from falling and the antenna made the same movement like the tree. Still strong
wind !
in that night, the antenna was working nice but suddenly there was
high SWR. The next morning I have seen, that deer or boars had ripped the
feedpoint apart....even so, it was 2m hight and the radials were at 4m height,
they just pulled on the feedline maybe.
so, after that I build everything a
little more wildlife save and was then happy with it all. No more problems the
next days!

The 160m vertical was 27m high mast and with linear loading
(deltaloading see k2kw/6y2a/force12 ).....
4 elevated radials at 3-5m above

Conditions were better the first days, when my antenna was no
good or not working.... after that I think Condx were worse....
I did not
work too many JA this holiday, sorry guys....

I worked on 160m:
VK6VZ and many westcoast/CA/WA/NV stations
on 80m ZL1GQ in SSB very loud !,
ZS6HA SSB and ZD7X (he said he runs 100w and low dipole but he was S9+
Also VQ9JC called me on 80m CW...
And to my great pleasure DP0GVN
from Antarctica. I know Felix DL5XL half of my life and it was a pleasure to
hear him both on 40m and 80m.!
In total 3840 QSOs were done....

I have
not made a reservation for January 2008.
sorry guys, I look for something
different to operate from the next January holiday.
I was nearly 20 times in
HB0 and I now want to see something else than that.
HB0 and especially the
Chalet Barsüla is an excellent place to be but for me, I need a break.....

If you need any help with YOUR HB0 tour, email me. and also have a look
at the pictures from 2006+2007.

73 Tom DL2OBO

here is a nice audio recording !!! have a look at this nice EA-SWL
site !!! If you have records from my signal too, let me know please !!!!


More info on HB0 are at www.tourismus.li and www.liechtenstein.li,The official HB0 websites. look there for
"Barsüla" "Barsuela" or  "Sareiser Joch" you may email me if you need
informations for your own trip to HB0.

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