HB0/DL2OBO Diary 01.January - 09.January 2007

Hello, I just returned back home, safe and happy. Please return later I will update this information the next days, I first have to take care of my business, you will understand, I hope

Afer 7 hours driving I arrived at the Chalet Barsuela on 1.1.2007 at 19:00 local time. I had to unload the car. It is a Daimler-Chrysler C-180 station wagon type with a large Thule-Ski-Box on the roof. I am happy, the police didn't stop me, because I think I was overloaded maybe.

The Skibox contained portable masts, wires, ropes and all the stuff you will nopt want to have INSIDE a car after taking it down on the return day (all was very muddy and wet)
The car really was fully packed.I had everything with me including 300m Coax, 500m wire, 50m ladderline, 6 fibreglass masts, 30m PVC military mast, 2x 10m military alloy masts and much more stuff I didn't needed after all.....
Liechtenstein is a bit like going to remote places. I tried to buy a USB to COM converter (which I forgot at home) and after 5 shops I finally had one !!!
Imagine, you need a PL-Plug. Even a fuse is difficult to get...

Well, the first night I installed only a 40m vertical with 4 elevated radials in front of the cottage. It was too late to do more antenna work and I was tired from the last days, remember, I am in the hotelbusiness, xmas holidays are very busy for us...

The Rig was a FT1000MP and a AL1200 amplifier running a legal KW or so.....

on the morning of the 2.January I had toothache and before it's getting stronger I decided to go back to DL for medical treatment. ...and later on the way to DL it went worse.... after 1,5h driving to Lindau (DL) I reached a dental surgery that was on standby, most were closed after the xmas holidays. I can understand, also I had closed my Hotel to go on holiday. But why must toothache occur right now ? MURPHY ?
Well, the dentist said he cannot do the root resection because of inflammation but could take pressure from it by a "small" cut... and a few nice pills...the real treatment will be done when I am back home. And now sitting here and writing this on the evening of return back home I remember to have to make a sked with my dentist.....

Ok, forget the first night of operating and forget the second day completely I couldn't build any antennas.... and on the way back to the cottage it started snowing and we had to leave the car down the hill and walk up by foot 30 min...very nice...(the plow hadn't cleared the small road to the cottage and I didn't want to try with snow chains---see page of 2006 ;-) .

Dummy I have forgotten to unpack the skibox completeley so all mast parts where down the hill... So I hoped for day number 3 to build the "real" antennas--remember, I still was only QRV on 40m.....
Day three came and the plow had cleared the road so I walked downhill and got the car up----with snowchains on--much easier to install when in daylight...
It was 2PM loacl time and I started with the first 160m antenna. It was a 16m vertical part with L-loading and 2 elevated radials. Remember, not easy to install 17m mast while alone..... in the snow.... I finished after sunset with cold-wet feet and I was very tired with all the pills into..or did they make me feel happy ? don'T remember anymore...


In total I made 3982 records, dummy I didn't look at the total number when I went QRT the last night, sure it been nice to be "in the 4000 range..."
30m 60 QSOs  JE6DOI  TY5ZR   VK3PA

40m 1215 QSOs   19 JA    93 USA     5 VE    VK4oQ, VK2GR, ZL4AD, ZL2DYC, ZL2AP, ZL3AB well after my sunrise longpath

80m 1673 QSOs 20 JA 358 USA 32 VE VK3PA SSB

160m 1034 QSOs 15 JA 101 USA 8 VE VE1ZZ called me long before his sunrise in SSB EU pileup ;-)

List of JA's worked on TOPBAND---this is handtyped and not copied from the laptop so there might be mistakes...you may email if so
I will make a complete onlinelog later.

JA3EMU he was the first JA I worked this year and he was so loud I thought first it'S a UA3....
JA3CJO he came 5min after JA3EMU and and also loud...
JA4DND the 3rd JA on 3.1.2007 with the first "small" inverted L

JA1BAL worked on 5.1.2007 with 2 others with "taller" inverted L

8.1.2007 new inverted L with 22m vertical part and 4 elevated radials--- 100m coax to have better view to JA

On 7.1.2007 I installed a 2el 80m wire beam. Earlier the evening I had it phased to east, that means radiating INTO the mountain !!!

and worked 7J4AAL and some more on 80m SSB... Kan was 10-20db over S9. but that results to HIS antenna work not to mine,hi

JAs worked on 80m:

On 8.1.2007 on 80m SSB a german station told me " you are deaf" well, yes I think he will show me next time how to do it right because I am still learning
Remember HB0 is in a north-south oriented valley and EAST direction ( ASIA, JA, VK) is shaded by a high mountain which rises just behind the house.
I think my ears are OK and so is the 1000MP and I was not operating with a little piece of wire (remember I build a 2el wire beam for 80m)
So let it be the bad situation and not "being deaf or dump"......Remember your nice location and maybe nice "receive antennas", everything grown in years and not built during hours in the snow.
Sure I am willed to learn more about "handling a large number of callers" and if you want me to join your group,
well , if you need a cook for your dxped: here I am. see my reputation www.hotel-hellers-krug.de

And thanks to LZ2 and others for assisting and standby....
If I am allowed to say: thanks to EU for standing by when I was trying to lsn for DX. Except for a very few times it was very quiet and I could work the DX..
And please, how do you think about this "tail-ending".... Who started with this "last two letters only-stuff" ? It is not practical in my eyes because it takes longer to hear a full call sign and type it in the laptop. I like to remember listening to 9K2ZZ Bob when he was operating....he was really nice telling people NOT to call last two, hi ;-)

If there is anything you want to tell me, use my guestbook or send an email, what you liked and what you dislike and wish me to do better next holiday.

With the 2 element 80m wire beam I made it into CA, NV, AZ, MT and other "nice located" states of the US....
Some told me that my 2 element wire beams are much too low to work properly, well I think at least the 80m version which was 15m above the slope was working fine.
But next time (1.-9. January 2008 !!!!! I booked already ) I will again try my 160m 2 element monster....and in addition a higher vertical with more radials for JA as well.
From 1.-4.1.2007 I think that propagation was very lousy... what do you think ?

I couldn't do RTTY, sorry, I still need my 1st RTTY QSO to make... I promise I will do soon ( 2008 ? )

ahhh, before I forget.. now there is internet-access in the cottage but you need the special swiss type cable..good to know

Special thanks go to:
Sandra, my buddy who was responsible for the meals (remember, I am the chef(Cook)) but I had to spend most time on the radio and she had a few days off
Yes, Sandy, you are right, we hams are very intelligent but sorry also totally mad/crazy

 DL2SBY for the quick and friendly visit

HB9CVQ for another USB-COM adapter and the BOG test and helping to reinstall the "taller" vertical. We spent another 7 hours "on the radio hill".

Dennis WN4AZY at PDA Logic8 the ultimate logging software for the generous and quick help.

I wish my TOMTOM navigator distributor was just a little more like you are. Don't get any help....

 ...and all of you callers...without you there is no sense for me to spent the hours into the snow getting cold feet and sharing the night with a black box.


More info on HB0 are at www.tourismus.li and www.liechtenstein.li,The official HB0 websites. look there for "Barsüla" "Barsuela" or  "Sareiser Joch" you may email me if you need informations for your own trip to HB0.

Carsten Dauer, Hotel Hellers Krug, Holzminden

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